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Organic and natural extracts

BioEsperia products are Organic, Natural, Residue-free, and Without Withholding Periods.

They strengthen plants by protecting them from Biotic and Abiotic stress and make them more resistant to attacks from Pathogens.

Ideal for conventional, organic, and biodynamic farming.


A sustainable choice

Our products are composed of an innovative plant extract, which is completely natural and has zero impact on the environment. They are completely natural, organic, and biological, and allow for significant water savings while fully respecting the environment and health.

Italian quality

Our brand offers an Italian and natural alternative to every company that looks to a sustainable future, guaranteeing a very short supply chain and aiming for a circular economy.

The idea comes to life

BioEsperia, with thirty years of experience in the renewable energy sector and in the context of a circular economy, in 2015 began developing innovative formulations for agriculture, which were field-tested in farms.

At the same time, the company started collaborating with prestigious Italian universities to implement the best applications of BioEsperia’s products.

Today, thanks to years of research and experimentation, as well as the company’s team of agronomists, consultants, and managers, BioEsperia is able to support numerous farmers and businesses who share its environmental philosophy.

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