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formulated for third parties

BioEsperia has been producing formulations for third parties for years, following experiments for specific crops or company needs.

microterra bio

Microterra Bio is a plant tonic developed and refined by Agri 90’s specialized technicians following specific experimentation aimed at carrot cultivation to support it throughout its vegetative cycle.

It is the result of a study that allows for:

  • Sustainable cultivation;
  • Reduced abiotic and biotic stress;
  • Eliminating or reducing the use of fungicides, pesticides, insecticides, plant protection products, and chemical fertilizers.


The targeted experimentation, which began in November 2020, aimed at naturally accompanying the carrot plant in its vegetative cycle.

What is a carrot?

A biennial plant whose fruit is produced two years after the seed. Those who cultivate it are not interested in waiting for fruiting, but rather in the root (which is sold as a carrot).

In the carrot root, the plant accumulates all its reserve substances to cope with abiotic stress (external agents) or biotic stress (fungal, bacterial, viral attacks, attacks by living organisms, which in the case of the carrot are nematodes that are classified in the world of invertebrates).

For the purpose of this production, this crop is interrupted prematurely compared to its life cycle, so it is in this restricted phase that cultivation techniques are concentrated.

Where are carrots grown?

In loose and sandy soils, usually rich in substances such as phosphorus. The same crop is often repeated, therefore with the same problems, such as the presence of nematodes.


The Microterra Bio Corroborant has been studied and developed to be applied best in this type of crop. It is a refinement of a method that starts from “knowledge.” The knowledge of BioEsperia that produces formulations for its own commercialization of technical means and makes them available to distributors and agronomists, who, by analyzing each cultivation phase and environmental conditions, develop the most suitable formulation for the crop to be treated with results on production and convenience of treatments.

Agri90 customers have achieved the following results:

  • “zero nematodes”

  • availability of phosphorus

  • cancellation of chemical fertilization based on phosphorus


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